Appraisal reviews the different appraisal methods and process with the background that a real estate agent needs to know.

Required for Broker’s Licenses

(DRE# 1843-01)

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This course includes a powerful textbook that is written from the viewpoint of the appraiser. Students have the advantage of learning to think like an appraiser. They learn what information is needed, and understand why that information is important to producing a reliable appraisal report. Hundreds of examples clearly illustrate the appraisal process and makes potentially difficult concepts easy to understand. The best way to learn appraisal is through this logically explained, step-by-step approach, from two classroom professors with over 30 years of writing experience.

DVD lecture feature a licensed real estate salesperson who explains the key concepts in the text.

Required for Broker’s Licenses

Qualifying Course – General Information