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License Classifications

License Classifications

C33 - Painting and Decorating Contractor
C34 - Pipeline Contractor
C35 - Lathing and Plastering Contractor
C36 - Plumbing Contractor
C38 - Refrigeration Contractor
C39 - Roofing Contractor
C42 - Sanitation System Contractor
C43 - Sheet Metal Contractor
C45 - Electrical Sign Contractor
C46 - Solar Contractor
C47 - Manufactured Housing Contractor
C50 - Reinforcing Steel Contractor
C51 - Structural Steel Contractor
C53 - Swimming Pool Contractor
C54 - Ceramic and Mosaic Tile Contractor
C55 - Water Conditioning Contractor
C57 - Water Well Drilling Contractor
C60 - Welding Contractor
C61 - Limited Specialty
ASB - Asbestos Certification
HAZ - Hazardous Substance Removal Certification


The CSLB has listed the C-61 classification into "D" categories for administrative tracking. See list below


D03 - Awnings
D04 - Central Vacuum Systems
D06 - Concrete Related Services
D09 - Drilling, Blasting and Oil Field Work
D10 - Elevated Floors
D12 - Synthetic Products
D16 - Hardware, Locks and Safes
D21 - Machinery and Pumps
D24 - Metal Products
D28 - Doors, Gates and Activating Devices
D29 - Paper hanging
D30 - Pile Driving and Pressure Foundation Jacking
D31 - Pole Installation and Maintenance
D34 - Prefabricated Equipment
D35 - Pool and Spa Maintenance
D38 - Sand and Water Blasting
D39 - Scaffolding
D40 - Service Station Equipment and Maintenance
D41 - Siding and Decking
D42 - Sign Installation
D49 - Tree Service
D50 - Suspended Ceilings
D52 - Window Coverings
D53 - Wood Tanks
D56 - Trenching Only
D59 - Hydroseed Spraying
D62 - Air and Water Balancing
D63 - Construction Clean-up
D64 - Non-specialized
D65 - Weatherization and Energy Conservation


Contractor License Law

A. - General Engineering Contractor
B. - General Building Contractor
C. - Specialty Contractor
C-2 - Insulation and Acoustical Contractor
C-4 - Boiler, Hot Water Heating and Steam Fitting Contractor
C-5 - Framing and Rough Carpentry Contractor [Effective 1-1-2003]
C-6 - Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry Contractor [Effective 1-1-2003]
C-7 - Low Voltage Systems Contractor
C-8 - Concrete Contractor
C-9 - Drywall Contractor
C10 - Electrical Contractor
C11 - Elevator Contractor
C12 - Earthwork and Paving Contractors
C13 - Fencing Contractor
C14 - Metal Roofing Contractor (No longer being issued.)
C15 - Flooring and Floor Covering Contractors
C16 - Fire Protection Contractor
C17 - Glazing Contractor
C20 - Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Contractor
C21 - Building Moving/Demolition Contractor
C23 - Ornamental Metal Contractor
C26 - Lathing Contractor (No longer being issued.)
C27 - Landscaping Contractor
C28 - Lock and Security Equipment Contractor
C29 - Masonry Contractor
C31 - Construction Zone Traffic Control Contractor
C32 - Parking and Highway Improvement Contractor



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