Contractor Courses

Law and Business Course

Law and Business Manual
About our Law and Business Course

Our Law and Business Manual covers Contractors License Law, Mechanics’ Lien Law and Labor Law explained in laypersons language. Additionally the Business Management chapter includes a sample balance sheet and income statement with explanations of accounting terms.

Our Law and Business Course is broken up into four easy to understand chapters.

  • Chapter 1: License Law
  • Chapter 2: Mechanics' Lien Law
  • Chapter 3: Labor Law
  • Chapter 4: Business Management

Trade Manuals

About our Trade ManualsContractors License Trade Manual

Each trade classification has a unique Trade Manual that reviews basic math and estimating formulas, Cal/OSHA regulations, and trade topics that are covered on the State exam.

General Knowledge

Each trade has a General Knowledge section that covers key topics specific to the trade that students need to know to pass the State exam.

Review Questions

This section of the manual includes the "most difficult" questions with explanations. Each manual with a review questions section also has available a DVD or Audio CD that walks students through the questions.


DVD & CD Lectures

Jack Kriel, General Building and Engineering Contractor, Frank Rowley, Author, Attorney Specializing in Mechanics' Liens, Nick Capachi, Author, General Engineering, General Building and Sanitation System Contractor, Bruce Ponce, General Building, Electrical, and Plumbing Contractor, College Instructor, Jerry Nelson, Contractor, Business and Bookkeeping Consultant


Our DVD and audio CD lectures feature licensed contractors, estimators, lawyers, business-management consultants, and other professionals who guide you through our manuals.

Our DVDs and CDs include:
  • General Knowledge (background information on the trade)
  • Review Questions (instructors walk students through questions)
  • Health & Safety (OSHA, and general safety requirments for the state exam)
  • Math Review (a review of mathematical forumulas needed for the state exam and industry)

Up-To-Date Practice Tests and Updates

Practice Tests
Practice Tests

Our user-friendly practice tests are in the same multiple-choice format as the State exams. Our answer sheets include full explanations and/or references.


Our staff is dedicated to keeping our content and test questions current. We have a full-time staff that is constantly updating our manuals, lectures, and tests.

Each set of tests comes with an exam update which represents our most recently developed questions that correspond with changes in the State exams, California laws and building codes.


Exam Prep Software

Law and Business Manual
Computer Assisted Practice Tests

We also offer the practice tests on a computer CD disc. Our software presents questions one at a time, automatically scores the exam, and lists each question answered incorrectly along with the correct answer.

Software Features
  • Timed State exam simulation
  • Question shuffling
  • Ability to mark questions and return to them
  • Running tally of your score
  • Detailed report upon completion with correct answers
  • Software keeps a score history to show improvement

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